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how to choose the right digital product studio for your business

Choose a Product Development Partner That Brings Out The Best In You

The old idiom of “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” applies to businesses too. If your goal is to operate as a top-performing technology company, then you need to be sure to choose your partners wisely.

what's the difference between a digital product studio and a digital product agency

What is the Difference Between a Digital Product Studio and a Digital Product Agency?

In this blog post, we explore the key differences between a digital product studio and a digital product agency to help your business make an informed decision.

Paloma logo

Why We Rebranded to Paloma

Staying true to our company value of ‘keep it candid’, we wanted to share the full story behind why we have decided to rebrand to Paloma. But first, grab yourself a drink.

faded circular graphic

Never mind the code, just count the cash

Entrepreneurs will increasingly seek help when it comes to technology.

chart showing disruption growth

Why there's no end in sight to disruption

After a year of enormous disruption to business models, the leaders of banks, insurers, property and other established companies are being warned to brace for even more.

Ash Fogelberg and Nick Frandsen co-founders of Dovetail

Meet the two Wanaka friends behind Afterpay technology

Stuff spoke to Ash Fogelberg and Nick Frandsen from their Sydney branch office about their work in the tech industry and involvement in the meteoric rise of Australia's fastest growing company.

venture studio

Venture studio Dovetail raising $10 million for first fund

Successful founders and family offices can expect to hear from venture studio Dovetail in the coming weeks, as it kicks off the process of raising its first $10 million fund.

Afterpay's $39bn sliding door moment

Afterpay’s $39bn sliding doors moment

This week’s blockbuster Square deal – the largest in Australian corporate history – almost happened four years ago.

mobile and digital transformation behind Afterpay

The mobile and digital transformation behind Afterpay's rapid international rise

Chief product officer of the ASX-listed payments darling and its digital agency partner share the mobile web and digital programs supporting its global growth ambitions.

5 tips for startups from a founder

Five tips for emerging start-ups from a Kiwi founder

In our experience designing and building products for a range of start-ups from retail to fintech, it’s safe to say we’ve learnt a few lessons about what works and what doesn’t. If you’re starting a new company, I encourage you to consider these five tips.

dynamic business success secrets

Dynamic Business - Let’s Talk: Success Secrets

Success looks different for each business. There is a huge variety in the business models that we hold up as success stories. This week we ask: “How have you built a great company?”

fintech mobile app

Fintech report reveals top differentiators that will help you better engage mobile users

By providing great user experience, a variety of money management tools, lower fees and extensive security features, mobile-first fintech apps are setting a new benchmark for handling personal finances.

hiring for startups

Dynamic Business - Let’s Talk: Getting the right people in

Taking the plunge and starting your own business can be scary. However a good team and support network can make the process much smoother. Having the right roles and also the right people in those roles can determine the success of your business.

Nick Frandsen Dovetail

A day in the life: Dovetail’s managing partner Nick Frandsen

Idealog speaks to Dovetail co-founder and managing partner, Nick Frandsen, about what it's like to walk a day in his shoes.

Afterpay and Dovetail

From the ground up: The Kiwi masterminds behind Afterpay’s technology

A key component to Afterpay's success is the development and support from Dovetail, a Kiwi tech company that is the mastermind behind Afterpay’s app and website platforms.

build an ecommerce platform

Building a scalable ecommerce platform without a technical background

Australia alone is home to almost 500 retail startups, many of which were started by non-technical founders—from online marketplace Catch, to fashion retailer The Iconic, to beauty marketplace Adore Beauty.

non-technical startup founders

Why 2021 is the year for non-technical founders

Despite common belief, someone no longer needs to be technical or have a technical co-founder to launch a successful technology startup.

Dovetail venture studio

Venture builders: can they fix it?

How venture studios are changing the face of Australian entrepreneurship.

Australian startups

Building your Australian start-up success story

What it takes to start your own business in 2021.

Keith Davison Dovetail

Key ingredients for startup success

Venture capital (VC) is a common denominator for most successful businesses. But often, even with money, many budding startups still don’t get to the finish line. According to reports, a whopping nine out of 10 Aussie startups fail, so it’s imperative that early-stage businesses do everything they can to not only survive but thrive.

how to find and keep talent during the Great Resignation

Dynamic Business - Let’s Talk: How to find and keep great staff

Never has it been more critical for you to understand how to position yourself as an employer of choice and establish a nurturing culture that inspires loyalty within your existing team.

technology predictions for 2022

Technology predictions for 2022 and beyond

What are Australia's IT leaders expecting? Our CTO, Toby Cox, shares his thoughts with BIT.

tech talent shortage Australia

Techies demand top dollar as skills shortages bite

Australian tech companies are turning down new business because soaring pay rates being charged by workers with in-demand skills are making projects unprofitable, instead turning to training and other non-financial strategies to try to lure and retain staff.

Dovetail fundraising venture studio

Dovetail, the venture studio that has worked with startups like Afterpay, is raising a new fund

Based in Sydney and Auckland, Dovetail is a full-service venture studio that works closely with founders who have a great idea, but may lack technical backgrounds.

marketing for startups

Marketing on a budget: How startups can make every dollar count

When it comes to the early days at a startup, marketing isn’t always the number one priority.

 marketing groundwork in early-stage startups

Laying the marketing groundwork in early-stage startups

In the growth stage, many startups may not have the capital upfront to run massive campaigns or they leave marketing as an afterthought. But marketing should be a key function for any startup and there are plenty of cost-effective channels and tactics they can utilise, writes Steph Schaffer.

Dovetail Dynamic Business

Dynamic Business - Let’s Talk: Making the hard business choices

It can be a challenge to admit when something isn’t working, particularly when it’s something that we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into. But, prolonging the hard choices because they’re hard, simply make them harder down the track.

Dovetail IWD 2021

How these 9 female executives cracked the c-suite

Here are nine women who are challenging expectations and stereotypes while soaring to the top of their game in the corporate world.

Georgia de Pont IWD

Celebrating female leaders and entrepreneurs in the tech world on #IWD2021

Our very own Head of Quality Engineering, Georgia de Pont, speaks to iTWire for International Women's Day.

Business Essentials Daily podcast startup in a box

Business Essentials Daily Podcast: Startup in a box

How many times have you said or heard “I’ve got a great business idea!” Well, if indeed the idea is sound but lacks the funds or tech know-how to build, then Dovetail Ventures is for you.

Dovetail People Building Businesses

YBF Ventures - People Building Businesses Podcast: Dovetail's Nick Frandsen

Host Jason Lim and Nick talk about how a seemingly typical childhood eventuated into entrepreneurship and the journey from dropping out of high school to Dovetail and its inevitable success.

business stories through design dribbble

How to tell business stories through design: A 9 step process

Ready for a lesson in visual storytelling? Based on their experience designing an animated story for the folks at Afterpay, our friends at Dovetail share a step-by-step guide to help your design team create an engaging business story of your own.

Why You Should Build Your Mobile App With React Native

Why You Should Build Your Mobile App With React Native

React Native is an impressive technology that’s being used by some of fast-growing companies on the planet all the way up to businesses in the Fortune 500.

product discovery Dovetail

Why You Should Be Doing Product Discovery

Before rushing to build your concept to push out to consumers, it’s important to first undertake product discovery.

common mistakes startups make startup victoria

3 mistakes still seen too often in startups

At Dovetail we design, build and invest in technology companies and in the process we’ve learnt a few lessons about what works and what doesn’t. In this article we’ve tried to focus on three mistakes that are relevant to early-stage founders. Mistakes that we still see surprisingly often and which we believe almost always have negative consequences for the company.

Heroku Codeish podcast Dovetail Nick Frandsen

Heroku Podcast - Codeish: Innovations in business modeling

Evolving a startup into a business can be tough, even after you've raised funds and found a few customers. To get to the next level, you'll need strong product design, investments in marketing, and a strategy to execute it all. Dovetail is an Australian company which both invests in and works alongside early stage companies to meet those goals. We'll be chatting with Nick Frandsen, one of its founders, on how they set themselves up as a long-term partner for companies they're helping to grow.

UX collective guide to UI design trends

UX Collective: A guide of UI design trends for 2021

Check out Dovetail's feature in UX Collective's 2021 UI design tends guide.

Dovetail building Afterpay

Stone & Chalk: Helping build Australia's fastest growing company

Afterpay is one of the biggest tech success stories of the decade - but do you know how a couple of young Kiwi entrepreneurs helped propel it into the multibillion venture it is today?

identifying a great startup idea Dovetail Startup Victoria

Startup Victoria x Dovetail: How to identify a great startup idea

This edition of the Startup Success Series provides advice for first-time founders and early-stage startups on how to validate your idea, identify the problem you're trying to solve and determine whether you should pursue it. We were joined by Nick Frandsen, Co-Founder & MD of Dovetail, and Michael Jankie, CEO & Co-Founder of PoweredLocal.

Dovetail billion dollar fintech companies Atlassian

How Dovetail Studios designs, builds and maintains billion-dollar fintech companies

I recently had the chance to catch up with Nick Frandsen, co-founder of Dovetail Studios. Dovetail helps design, build, grow, and invest in technology companies, primarily in Australia and increasingly in the US. Read on to discover how the Dovetail team uses Atlassian Products to manage incidents and get the job done.