Runn recognises a vital need for modern agency resource planning to have a user-friendly, accessible and beautiful digital SaaS product. Feature-rich but not overwhelming, Runn gives project managers all the tools they need to perform alongside the realities of project-based business.

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Business at the speed of opportunity

In 2018, Runn approached Dovetail to develop this system initially by way of a digital B2B product (keep your eyes peeled however, as this system is just getting started, with larger B2C opportunities on the horizon).

Dovetail Ventures recognised the high-potential and strong vision embedded in the startup and since has become a Dovetail Venture. Runn’s headquarters and spiritual home is in Wellington, New Zealand, but we’re on three continents and counting.

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Get it done people!

Runn and Dovetail together set out to create a user experience and interface more closely aligned to contemporary productivity and management apps over what the current status quo of scheduling and resourcing products have to offer.

To achieve this beautiful experience and interface, we helped develop a clear hierarchy of information, simple and friendly access to the main features and clear and accessbible colour palatte to boot. The result is a friendly and naturally usable web application.

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Finding a balance

Dovetail also has had the opportunity to contribute to certain areas of marketing and the Runn website. Through workshops, exploring the idea of fragmentation becoming cohesion became a clear driving force and is depicted metaphorically through the use of a tangram – an ancient Chinese puzzle where by pieces come together in harmony to form a larger more impressive element, much like that of a modern project-based business.

Pheobe Morris created a range of illustrations to bring a friendly, human element to Runn, and custom icons help quickly define further features throughout the website.

Business at the speed of opportunity
Abstract illustration of Runn UI
Make great plans
Big picture, meet details
Know your business
Future profits, today

Runn-ing Smooth

We built Runn with a tech stack that allows the web app to smoothly handle different kinds of forecasting and project data.

The backend is built in Ruby on Rails, a scalable, well supported and secure web application framework. Ruby on Rails is used by some of the world’s largest companies like Airbnb, Shopify and Bloomberg.

We choose React to build the frontend of Runn as it ensures faster rendering of dynamic web pages and also has a helpful developer toolset. Relay and GraphQL let our frontend components fetch the data they need to display.

We host Runn on Heroku because it's fast and effective for deploying and scaling web applications. To ensure our code is bug-free we build and test it before deployment with CircleCI, the continuous integration and delivery platform.

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